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wxwidgets.cpp File Reference
#include <wx/wx.h>
#include <wx/wfstream.h>
#include <wx/except.h>
#include "plDevs.h"
#include "plplotP.h"
#include "drivers.h"
#include <cstdio>
#include "wxwidgets.h"

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void Log_Verbose (const char *fmt,...)
void Log_Debug (const char *fmt,...)
void plD_line_wxwidgets (PLStream *pls, short x1a, short y1a, short x2a, short y2a)
void plD_polyline_wxwidgets (PLStream *pls, short *xa, short *ya, PLINT npts)
void plD_eop_wxwidgets (PLStream *pls)
void plD_wait_wxwidgets (PLStream *pls)
void plD_bop_wxwidgets (PLStream *pls)
void plD_tidy_wxwidgets (PLStream *pls)
void plD_state_wxwidgets (PLStream *pls, PLINT op)
void plD_esc_wxwidgets (PLStream *pls, PLINT op, void *ptr)


bool g_weInitializedWx = false
PLDLLIMPEXP_DRIVER const char * plD_DEVICE_INFO_wxwidgets =

Function Documentation

void Log_Debug ( const char *  fmt,

Definition at line 77 of file wxwidgets.cpp.

void Log_Verbose ( const char *  fmt,

Definition at line 56 of file wxwidgets.cpp.

void plD_bop_wxwidgets ( PLStream pls)

Definition at line 398 of file wxwidgets.cpp.

void plD_eop_wxwidgets ( PLStream pls)

Definition at line 338 of file wxwidgets.cpp.

void plD_esc_wxwidgets ( PLStream pls,
PLINT  op,
void *  ptr 

Definition at line 499 of file wxwidgets.cpp.

void plD_line_wxwidgets ( PLStream pls,
short  x1a,
short  y1a,
short  x2a,
short  y2a 

Definition at line 280 of file wxwidgets.cpp.

void plD_polyline_wxwidgets ( PLStream pls,
short *  xa,
short *  ya,
PLINT  npts 

Definition at line 308 of file wxwidgets.cpp.

void plD_state_wxwidgets ( PLStream pls,
PLINT  op 

Definition at line 458 of file wxwidgets.cpp.

void plD_tidy_wxwidgets ( PLStream pls)

Definition at line 424 of file wxwidgets.cpp.

void plD_wait_wxwidgets ( PLStream pls)

Definition at line 368 of file wxwidgets.cpp.

Variable Documentation

bool g_weInitializedWx = false

Definition at line 43 of file wxwidgets.cpp.

PLDLLIMPEXP_DRIVER const char* plD_DEVICE_INFO_wxwidgets =

Definition at line 102 of file wxwidgets.cpp.