PLplot  5.13.0
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PLOptionInfo Struct Reference

Public Attributes

const char ** notes

Detailed Description

Array of option tables and associated info.

The user may merge up to PL_MAX_OPT_TABLES custom option tables (of type PLOptionTable) with the internal one. The resulting treatment is simple, powerful, and robust. The tables are parsed in the order of last added first, to the internal table last. If multiple options of the same name occur, only the first parsed is "seen", thus, the user can easily override any PLplot internal option merely by providing the same option. This same precedence is followed when printing help and usage messages, with each set of options given separately. See example usage in plrender.c.

Definition at line 703 of file plargs.c.

Member Data Documentation

PLCHAR_VECTOR PLOptionInfo::name

Definition at line 706 of file plargs.c.

const char** PLOptionInfo::notes

Definition at line 707 of file plargs.c.

PLOptionTable* PLOptionInfo::options

Definition at line 705 of file plargs.c.

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