PLplot  5.10.0
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plstrm.h File Reference
#include "pdf.h"
#include "disptab.h"
#include "pldll.h"
#include "qsastime.h"

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struct  PLDev
struct  PLStream


#define PL_MAX_CMAP1CP   256


void PLDLLIMPEXP plgpls (PLStream **p_pls)
PLDLLIMPEXP void plcol_interp (PLStream *pls, PLColor *newcolor, int i, int ncol)
PLDLLIMPEXP void plOpenFile (PLStream *pls)
PLDLLIMPEXP void plCloseFile (PLStream *pls)
void plP_getmember (PLStream *pls)
void plP_sfnam (PLStream *pls, const char *fnam)
PLDLLIMPEXP void plFamInit (PLStream *pls)
PLDLLIMPEXP void plGetFam (PLStream *pls)
PLDLLIMPEXP void plRotPhy (PLINT orient, PLINT xmin, PLINT ymin, PLINT xmax, PLINT ymax, PLINT *px, PLINT *py)
PLDLLIMPEXP PLDevplAllocDev (PLStream *pls)
PLDLLIMPEXP void plGinInit (PLGraphicsIn *gin)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define PL_MAX_CMAP1CP   256

Definition at line 525 of file plstrm.h.

Function Documentation

PLDLLIMPEXP PLDev* plAllocDev ( PLStream pls)

Allocates a standard PLDev structure for device-specific data, stores the address in pls->dev, and returns the address as well.

plsA plot stream structure.
A PLDev *

Definition at line 2855 of file plctrl.c.

PLDLLIMPEXP void plCloseFile ( PLStream pls)

Closes output file unless it is associated with stdout.

plsA plot stream structure.

Definition at line 2624 of file plctrl.c.

PLDLLIMPEXP void plcol_interp ( PLStream pls,
PLColor newcolor,
int  i,
int  ncol 

Initializes device cmap 1 entry by interpolation from pls->cmap1 entries. Returned PLColor is supposed to represent the i_th color out of a total of ncol colors in the current color scheme.

plsA plot stream structure.
newcolorA color structure to store the color in.
iIndex of the desired color.
ncolTotal number of colors (supported by the device?).

Definition at line 2519 of file plctrl.c.

PLDLLIMPEXP void plFamInit ( PLStream pls)

Initializes family file parameters.

plsA plot stream structure.

Definition at line 2740 of file plctrl.c.

PLDLLIMPEXP void plGetFam ( PLStream pls)

Starts new member file of family file set if necessary.

Note each member file is a complete graphics file (can be printed individually), although 'plrender' will treat a family as a single logical file if given the family name instead of the member name.

plsA plot stream structure.

Definition at line 2769 of file plctrl.c.

PLDLLIMPEXP void plGinInit ( PLGraphicsIn gin)

Just fills in the PLGraphicsIn with appropriate initial values.

ginA plot graphics input (i.e. keypress or mouseclick) structure.

Definition at line 2876 of file plctrl.c.

void PLDLLIMPEXP plgpls ( PLStream **  p_pls)

Definition at line 3580 of file plcore.c.

PLDLLIMPEXP void plOpenFile ( PLStream pls)

Definition at line 2560 of file plctrl.c.

void plP_getmember ( PLStream pls)

Sets up next file member name (in pls->FileName), but does not open it.

plsA plot stream structure.

Definition at line 2646 of file plctrl.c.

void plP_sfnam ( PLStream pls,
const char *  fnam 

Sets up file name (with "%n" removed if present) & family stem name. Reserve some extra space (10 chars) to hold an optional member number.

plsA plot stream.
fnamThe base file name of the plot files.

Definition at line 2689 of file plctrl.c.

PLDLLIMPEXP void plRotPhy ( PLINT  orient,
PLINT  xmin,
PLINT  ymin,
PLINT  xmax,
PLINT  ymax,

Rotates physical coordinates if necessary for given orientation. Each time orient is incremented, the plot is rotated 90 deg clockwise. Note: this is now used only to rotate by 90 degrees for devices that expect portrait mode.

orientNew plot orientation (0-3)
xminCurrent plot x minimum?
yminCurrent plot y minimum?
xmaxCurrent plot x maximum?
ymaxCurrent plot y maximum?
pxOld x coordinate mapped to new x coordinate.
pyOld y coordinate mapped to new y coordinate.

Definition at line 2813 of file plctrl.c.