PLplot  5.13.0
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plpage.c File Reference
#include "plplotP.h"
#include "drivers.h"

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void c_pladv (PLINT page)
void c_plclear (void)
void c_pleop (void)
void c_plbop (void)
void plP_subpInit (void)
void plP_setsub (void)
void c_plgspa (PLFLT *xmin, PLFLT *xmax, PLFLT *ymin, PLFLT *ymax)
PLINT plGetCursor (PLGraphicsIn *plg)
PLINT plTranslateCursor (PLGraphicsIn *plg)
void c_plcalc_world (PLFLT rx, PLFLT ry, PLFLT *wx, PLFLT *wy, PLINT *window)

Detailed Description

Page/subpage handling routines.

Definition in file plpage.c.

Function Documentation

void c_pladv ( PLINT  page)

Advance to subpage "page" or to the next page if "page" = 0.

pageSubpage identifier or 0

Definition at line 34 of file plpage.c.

void c_plbop ( void  )

Start new page. Should only be used with pleop().

Definition at line 118 of file plpage.c.

void c_plcalc_world ( PLFLT  rx,
PLFLT  ry,
PLINT window 

Calculate world coordinates wx, and wy from relative device coordinates, rx and ry. Also, return the window index for which the world coordinates are valid. window is set to -1 and wx and wy to 0. if rx and ry do not correspond to valid world coordinates for any currently existing window.

Paul Casteels, modified by Alan W. Irwin.
rxRelative x device coordinates
ryRelative y device coordinates
wxPointer to x world coordinate (after call)
wyPointer to y world coordinate (after call)
windowPointer index of window for which the world coordinates are valid

Definition at line 289 of file plpage.c.

void c_plclear ( void  )

Clear current subpage. Subpages can be set with pladv before calling plclear. Not all drivers support this.

Definition at line 71 of file plpage.c.

void c_pleop ( void  )

End current page.

Definition at line 101 of file plpage.c.

void c_plgspa ( PLFLT xmin,
PLFLT xmax,
PLFLT ymin,
PLFLT ymax 

Get subpage boundaries in absolute coordinates (mm from bottom left-hand corner of page).

xminPointer to PLFLT containing minimum x boundary after call
xmaxPointer to PLFLT containing maximum x boundary after call
yminPointer to PLFLT containing minimum y boundary after call
ymaxPointer to PLFLT containing maximum y boundary after call

Definition at line 222 of file plpage.c.

PLINT plGetCursor ( PLGraphicsIn plg)

Wait for graphics input event and translate to world coordinates.

Paul Casteels.
plgPointer to PLGraphicsIn
0 if no translation to world coordinates is possible.
See also

Definition at line 244 of file plpage.c.

void plP_setsub ( void  )

Set up the subpage boundaries according to the current subpage selected.

Definition at line 189 of file plpage.c.

void plP_subpInit ( void  )

Set up plot parameters according to the number of subpages.

Definition at line 134 of file plpage.c.

PLINT plTranslateCursor ( PLGraphicsIn plg)

Translates cursor position from relative device coordinates to world coordinates.

Paul Casteels, modified by Alan W. Irwin
plgPointer to PLGraphicsIn
0 if no translation to world coordinates is possible.

Definition at line 259 of file plpage.c.