PLplot  5.11.1
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plhist.c File Reference
#include "plplotP.h"

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void c_plhist (PLINT n, const PLFLT *data, PLFLT datmin, PLFLT datmax, PLINT nbin, PLINT flags)
void c_plbin (PLINT nbin, const PLFLT *x, const PLFLT *y, PLINT flags)

Function Documentation

void c_plbin ( PLINT  nbin,
const PLFLT x,
const PLFLT y,
PLINT  flags 

Definition at line 125 of file plhist.c.

void c_plhist ( PLINT  n,
const PLFLT data,
PLFLT  datmin,
PLFLT  datmax,
PLINT  nbin,
PLINT  flags 

Definition at line 41 of file plhist.c.