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ltdl_win32.c File Reference
#include <windows.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "ltdl_win32.h"

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void lt_dlinit (void)
void lt_dlexit (void)
lt_dlhandle lt_dlopenext (char *dllname)
const char * lt_dlerror ()
voidlt_dlsym (lt_dlhandle dlhandle, const char *symbol)
int lt_dlmakeresident (lt_dlhandle handle)


lt_dlhandle lastHandle = NULL
char errortext [512]

Detailed Description

Routines that map unix libtool commands to their window equivalent.

Definition in file ltdl_win32.c.

Function Documentation

const char* lt_dlerror ( )

return last error occured. Needs some work :).

Not much.. A string containing "No error information."

Definition at line 96 of file ltdl_win32.c.

void lt_dlexit ( void  )

on exit free library handles and release allocate memory

Definition at line 50 of file ltdl_win32.c.

void lt_dlinit ( void  )

initialise variables

Definition at line 42 of file ltdl_win32.c.

int lt_dlmakeresident ( lt_dlhandle  handle)

Placeholder that does nothing for now.

handleLibrary handle.

Definition at line 140 of file ltdl_win32.c.

lt_dlhandle lt_dlopenext ( char *  dllname)

Try to open shared library with given dllname. If there is no extension given LoadLibrary() assumes .dll. The library must be somewhere in the path or in the current directory.

dllnameThe name of shared library.
A handle to the shared library (if found).

Definition at line 73 of file ltdl_win32.c.

void* lt_dlsym ( lt_dlhandle  dlhandle,
const char *  symbol 

load symbol from library

dlhandleLibrary handle as returned by ltdlopenext().
symbolThe name of symbol to load.
A pointer to the symbol requested.

Definition at line 111 of file ltdl_win32.c.

Variable Documentation

char errortext[512]

Definition at line 37 of file ltdl_win32.c.

lt_dlhandle lastHandle = NULL

Definition at line 34 of file ltdl_win32.c.