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All but the doxygen-generated results above have been generated from our DocBook/XML source files in doc/docbook/src using a variety of DocBook backend tools. The doxygen results above have been generated by doxygen directly from a special form of comments in our source code. The DocBook and doxygen documentation builds happen automatically (only on Linux since the required tools are only available for that platform) with our CMake-based build system if you specify the cmake options "-DBUILD_DOC=ON -DBUILD_DOX_DOC=ON". For more details about building the DocBook form of our documentation and testing it, please look at the file doc/docbook/README.developers in the source tree.

For those wishing to make some contribution to PLplot, helping out with either/both the DocBook or doxygen documentation is a good place to start. For the DocBook case, the DocBook/XML syntax is quite straightforward to understand if you simply follow the form of what is already done in the files in the doc/docbook/src subdirectory of the source tree. However, if you want to dig a little deeper into DocBook, then this on-line book, "DocBook: The Definitive Guide", is an excellent reference. For the doxygen case, the documentation is controlled by a special form of comments in our source files. See src/pllegend.c for a good example of how to document arguments of PLplot functions. Note there are many other files in src without this argument documentation at the present time so there is plenty of scope to help out here.


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