PLplot is an open source library. It's therefore possible to extend the library and contribute the code to the community. We introduce some information on where new developers should start.


Apart from this web page there are some other sources where the developer can get some information on the PLplot library.

  • The source code itself is well commented and it's always worth have a look there to get better understanding.
  • The core developers mainly discuss things in the PLplot developer mailing list. You can search the archives or ask questions there.
  • There is also a wiki where also information for developers can be found. Don't forget to extend the wiki if something is missing or wrong.
  • The PLplot manual not only provides valuable information for users but also for developers.

Developing drivers

If one wants to develop a new driver it's always best to start with the code from an old driver. The minimal code needed for a driver can be seen in drivers/mem.c or even drivers/null.c. The CMake build system needs also be adjusted for the new driver. The necessary information is found in drivers/README.drivers. Also, there are several useful sections in the DocBook documentation (e.g., "Output Devices", "Driver Functions" and "Adding FreeType Library Support to Bitmap Drivers" in Chapter 3) that you should look at. If the new driver provides the functions needed and is working you can extend the driver e.g. by processing the font on your own (drivers/cairo.c or drivers/wxwidgets.cpp) and handle key and mouse inputs (drivers/xwin.c).

Extending the PLplot core


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