PLplot  5.11.0
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gcw.c File Reference
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include "gcw.h"
#include "plplotcanvas-hacktext.h"

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guint32 plcolor_to_rgba (PLColor color, guchar alpha)
void plD_open_gcw (PLStream *pls)
void plD_init_gcw (PLStream *)
void plD_line_gcw (PLStream *, short, short, short, short)
void plD_polyline_gcw (PLStream *, short *, short *, PLINT)
void plD_eop_gcw (PLStream *)
void plD_bop_gcw (PLStream *)
void plD_tidy_gcw (PLStream *)
void plD_state_gcw (PLStream *, PLINT)
void plD_esc_gcw (PLStream *, PLINT, void *)
void plD_dispatch_init_gcw (PLDispatchTable *pdt)
static void fill_polygon (PLStream *pls)


PLDLLIMPEXP_DRIVER const char * plD_DEVICE_INFO_gcw = "gcw:Gnome Canvas Widget:1:gcw:10:gcw\n"
static PLINT text = 0
static PLINT hrshsym = 0
static PLINT replot = 1
static DrvOpt gcw_options []

Function Documentation

static void fill_polygon ( PLStream pls)

Definition at line 844 of file gcw.c.

guint32 plcolor_to_rgba ( PLColor  color,
guchar  alpha 

Definition at line 116 of file gcw.c.

void plD_bop_gcw ( PLStream pls)

Definition at line 657 of file gcw.c.

void plD_dispatch_init_gcw ( PLDispatchTable pdt)

Definition at line 142 of file gcw.c.

void plD_eop_gcw ( PLStream pls)

Definition at line 497 of file gcw.c.

void plD_esc_gcw ( PLStream pls,
PLINT  op,
void ptr 

Definition at line 1265 of file gcw.c.

void plD_init_gcw ( PLStream pls)

Definition at line 178 of file gcw.c.

void plD_line_gcw ( PLStream pls,
short  x1,
short  y1,
short  x2,
short  y2 

Definition at line 473 of file gcw.c.

void plD_open_gcw ( PLStream pls)
void plD_polyline_gcw ( PLStream pls,
short *  x,
short *  y,
PLINT  npts 

Definition at line 331 of file gcw.c.

void plD_state_gcw ( PLStream pls,
PLINT  op 

Definition at line 759 of file gcw.c.

void plD_tidy_gcw ( PLStream pls)

Definition at line 719 of file gcw.c.

Variable Documentation

DrvOpt gcw_options[]
Initial value:
{ "text", DRV_INT, &text, "Use truetype fonts (text=0|1)" },
{ "hrshsym", DRV_INT, &hrshsym, "Use Hershey symbol set (hrshsym=0|1)" },
{ "replot", DRV_INT, &replot, "Allow replotting to other devices (replot=0|1)" },

Definition at line 103 of file gcw.c.

PLINT hrshsym = 0

Definition at line 100 of file gcw.c.

PLDLLIMPEXP_DRIVER const char* plD_DEVICE_INFO_gcw = "gcw:Gnome Canvas Widget:1:gcw:10:gcw\n"

Definition at line 90 of file gcw.c.

PLINT replot = 1

Definition at line 101 of file gcw.c.

PLINT text = 0

Definition at line 97 of file gcw.c.