PLplot  5.11.1
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class  Plframe.Plframe
class  Plframe.PlXframe




def Plframe._flatten
def Plframe.plenv
 Now implement the PLplot API. More...
def Plframe.pleop
def Plframe.pllab
def Plframe.plline
def Plframe.plpoin
def Plframe.setup_defaults
 All this stuff is being based heavily on the Pltkwin.tcl thing by Vince, for itcl/itk (which in turn was based heavily on the plwidgets.tcl stuff by Maurice). More...
def Plframe.setup_bindings
def Plframe.set_focus
def Plframe.build_menu_bar
def Plframe.create_menu_print
def Plframe.create_menu_save
def Plframe.create_menu_orient
def Plframe.create_menu_zoom
def Plframe.create_menu_page
def Plframe.create_menu_options
def Plframe.create_menu_debug
def Plframe.key_filter
 Now the commands needed to implement the menus. More...
def Plframe.user_mouse
def Plframe.cmd_print
 flash More...
def Plframe.sucky_save
def Plframe.save_as
def Plframe.save_again
def Plframe.save_close
def Plframe.update_zoom
def Plframe.zoom_select
def Plframe.zoom_enter
 s.def_button_cmd = s.plf.bind( "<ButtonPress>" ) More...
def Plframe.zoom_reset

zoom_reset More...

def Plframe.update_orient
 global def_button_cmd More...
def Plframe.orient
def Plframe.page_enter
def Plframe.page_reset
def Plframe.zoom_start
def Plframe.zoom_coords
 Restore previous binding, but don't know how to do this in Python/Tk. More...
def Plframe.zoom_mouse_draw
def Plframe.zoom_mouse_end
def Plframe.view_zoom
 Hmm, view_select is only called by update_view, which isn't called by anything... More...
def Plframe.zoom_back
def Plframe.zoom_forward
def Plframe.view_scroll
def Plframe.fixview
def Plframe.status_msg
 When scrollbars are first created, it may be necessary to unmap then map the plframe widget so that it has a chance to initialize the scrollbars before they are mapped. More...
def Plframe.label_reset
def Plframe.label_set
def Plframe.plcmap0_edit
def Plframe.plcmap1_edit
def Plframe.cmd
 Now do the PLplot API. More...
def Plframe.pladv
def Plframe.plaxes
def Plframe.plbin
def Plframe.plbop
def Plframe.plbox
def Plframe.plbox3
def Plframe.plcol0
def Plframe.plcol1
def Plframe.plcont
 def plcontxxx( s, z, kx, lx, ky, ly, clev, pltr, xg, yg, wrap ): plsstrm( s.strm ) plcont( z, kx, lx, ky, ly, clev, pltr, xg, yg, wrap ) More...
def Plframe.plfcont
def Plframe.plcpstream
def Plframe.clearpage
def Plframe.plfill
def Plframe.plfont
def Plframe.plfontld
def Plframe.plhist
def Plframe.plhls
def Plframe.pljoin
def Plframe.plline3
def Plframe.pllsty
def Plframe.plmesh
def Plframe.plmtex
def Plframe.plot3d
def Plframe.plplot3d
def Plframe.plpoin3
def Plframe.plpoly3
def Plframe.plprec
def Plframe.plpsty
def Plframe.plptex
def Plframe.plreplot
def Plframe.plrgb
def Plframe.plrgb1
def Plframe.plschr
def Plframe.plshade
def Plframe.plssub
 def plshade2( s, z, xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax, sh_min, sh_max, sh_cmap, sh_color, sh_width, min_col, min_wid, max_col, max_wid, rect, pltr, xg, yg, wrap ): "Was unable to fix plshade, must make new plshade2, grrr." More...
def Plframe.plssym
def Plframe.plsvpa
def Plframe.plsxax
def Plframe.plsyax
def Plframe.plsym
def Plframe.plszax
def Plframe.plvasp
def Plframe.plvpas
def Plframe.plvpor
def Plframe.plvsta
def Plframe.plw3d
def Plframe.plwid
def Plframe.plwind
def Plframe.debug


string Plframe.CMD = 'cmd'
int Plframe.variable = 0
 for i in range( len(devnamlst) ): devnam = devnamlst[i] devkey = devkeylst[i] More...
 Plframe.dx = x1-x0
 if { $zoomopts($this,1) == 0 } then { More...
 Plframe.dy = y1-y0
tuple Plframe.sign_dx = sign(dx)
 set dx [expr $x1 - $x0] set dy [expr $y1 - $y0] More...
tuple Plframe.sign_dy = sign(dy)
 Plframe.xl = x0
 set sign_dx [expr ($dx > 0) ? 1 : -1] set sign_dy [expr ($dy > 0) ? 1 : -1] More...
 Plframe.yl = y0
 Plframe.xr = xl+dx
 set xl $x0 set yl $y0 More...
 Plframe.yr = yl+dy
 Plframe.xscale = xmax-xmin
 Plframe.yscale = ymax-ymin
 Plframe.rx = dx/xscale
 Plframe.ry = dy/yscale
 Plframe.wxl = xl/Lx
 Optional translation to relative device coordinates. More...
 Plframe.wxr = xr/Lx
float Plframe.wyl = 1.0
float Plframe.wyr = 1.0
tuple Plframe.coords = s.zoom_coords( s.wx, s.wy, e.x, e.y, 1 )
 bind [plwin] <B1-ButtonRelease> {} bind [plwin] <B1-Motion> {} More...
int Plframe.stdzoom = .5
 Check for double-click (specified zoom region less than a few pixels wide). More...
int Plframe.nxl = xl-.5
int Plframe.nxr = xl+.5
int Plframe.nyl = yl-.5
int Plframe.nyr = yl+.5
tuple Plframe.bounds = split( s.plf._w, 'view', 'bounds' ) )
 Adjust arguments to be in bounds (in case margins are in effect). More...
tuple Plframe.xmin = atof( bounds[0] )
tuple Plframe.ymin = atof( bounds[1] )
tuple Plframe.xmax = atof( bounds[2] )
tuple Plframe.ymax = atof( bounds[3] )
int Plframe.created_sb = 0
 Create scrollbars if they don't already exist. More...